Pupcake Nips
Pawsome Feedback
from our favorite customers

"the verdict is in

we're not in Kansas anymore ~ "

Madame Souris  ~ Quality Control
Townsend Tennessee

"7 out of 6 dogs agree

Pupcakes are like Dachshunds
you can never have just one 

The Crew from das Schreffler Haus
Spokane Washington


hush now
and take our money

Black Daniels & Petite Noir
Cheyenne Wyoming

"lip smacking good

elder approved
no need for new tricks! 

Rosie Nickel
Kerrville Texas

"sweeter than honey

just a small smackerel
if you please 

Yahdo Pecado
New Market Tennessee

"these deserve an oscar 

also, my memere makes them
so i'm kind of a big deal

Sigourney Wiener (but my fans call me Sigorgeous)
Starlette Washington

"every move you make

every snack you bake, i'll be watching you "

Lily Cooper
Chandler Arizona

"a birfday gift to myself 

i was born with extra toes
may i give more than 5 stars? 

ToeTown Washington

"let's make a deal

i shake the hand, i get the treat  "

Mazie Bell
Ardmore Alabama


is keeping me waiting "

Milli Williams
Knoxville Tennessee

"worth the weight

gotta.stop.tracking.my.package ~ it's in the Lord's hands now "

Hugo Boss
Waiting in Washington

"a gentleman's reward

good show old chap "

Mr. Byron
Kodak Tennessee

"puts a spring in your step

jumping over everyone is never the answer ~ buuut, YES IT IS "

Springer Washington

"drop it like it's hot

i must have that treat "

Bud Raiten
Long Beach Florida

"two treats are better than one

isn't that what you say about your Pola Granola, mom? "

Call it like i see it Washington

"best kept secret around

does my breath smell like tuna? "

Kordelia The Supreme
New Orleans Louisiana

"more please

stop breaking them in half
and calling them "two treats" 

SideEye Washington