it's not status quo for a 12 year old boy
to bestow upon his mimmy
small nips of affection, yet
Buck, a.k.a. 'Pupcake'
the only son of our
beloved founder Pola
would do just that

little nips of endearment
exchanged between the two of them
that extended well into his adulthood

before his passing in June of 2022
Buck was fiercely adoring of his mim
and equally fond of all manner of
canis lupus familiaris
in short, he was Pola's biggest fan and
a pup loving pup

when she's not hiking
or making her world famous
Pola Granola
you can find Pup's mimmer
baking training treats
for your favorite doggo

when your pup is nudging you for a treat
give them the best
give them Pupcake Nips
keep looking up!